November 19, 2017
In Martha Wells’s All Systems Red, we meet Murderbot, a security droid assigned to a research team on a faraway planet. After the scientists are attacked by a creature that did not appear in survey reports, the team starts to notice discrepancies in maps and other reports....
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September 27, 2017
In Provenance, we leave the Radch Empire of Ann Leckie's Ancillary series and meet neighboring societies in a political thriller—murder included....
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Six Wakes

June 29, 2017
I first heard of Mur Lafferty when the Shambling Guide to New York was released a few years back, and I passed on reading it. I was burned out on the zombie thing and did not need a New York guidebook in my life—or so I thought. Then she appeared as one of the authors of ...
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Come to Dust

June 22, 2017
A horror novel with a somewhat atypical zombie trope that works beautifully because of the juxtaposition of a strong, loving, and very real-feeling blended family...
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June 22, 2017
In the Recoletta trilogy by Carrie Patel, society is living in underground cities after a calamitous catastrophe. The first book is part murder mystery and part political intrigue, while a fight over access to a mysterious pre-catastrophe library ensues. In the second boo...
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Proof of Concept

June 12, 2017
Kir is a "scav"—someone who grew up in the polluted, devastated wilderness between hive cities. She was kidnapped from the wastes at a young age and brought to a lab, where her mentor installed an AI in her head....
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Ninefox Gambit

May 26, 2017
I don't often read military SF, but I've been reading through this year's Hugo finalists, including Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee. This is a great example of an awards list recommending books that I wouldn't pick up on my own but am glad I had the nudge. What makes this book...
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I absolutely loved Seanan McGuire's Every Heart a Doorway last year. It was the concept/world that I didn't know I had always been looking for—what happens to children who visit magical lands when they return home? This isn't the brooding Holden Caulfield-goes-to-Narnia of...
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There are two trilogies concluding in 2017 about which I am very excited. Both are about magic and moving between worlds—and the rules about doing so—yet have completely different characters and world-building....
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Used Book Sale has ended!

December 8, 2016

The new year brings changes!

Come to the store to see our new store fixtures and the new layout of the upstairs area!...
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