The Witch Boy

April 26, 2018
The Witch Boy is a fantastic gift for any children in your life. With lush art and a timeless story, we follow Aster’s journey as he secretly studies magic. In Aster’s community, spellcasting is for women and shapeshifting is for men. But Aster has no interest in...
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After her mother dies, Mary Jekyll sets off to track down mysterious bank funds and solicit the help of Sherlock Holmes.Little did she know that this money would lead her to an unexpected sister—and a whole new chosen family....
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Firefly Adventures

April 5, 2018
I love a good cooperative game, and Firefly Adventures is a good cooperative game. Five crewmembers (new characters will be available in upcoming expansions) run a mission to gain money and intel and still escape within a certain amount of time. There might be a safe to crac...
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Barbary Station

April 1, 2018
Barbary StationR.E. Stearns...
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February 1, 2018
How do you write a story about Lois Lane that includes Superman but is not dwarfed by Superman?...
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Star Wars Rebellion

January 11, 2018
In general, I don’t play many games that take more than 90 minutes. They may be great games, but they’re not for me. But when a friend invited me to play Star Wars Rebellion, I said sure. I’d heard great things about it, and it’s good for me to play outside of my usu...
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Winter of Ice and Iron

January 4, 2018
I always find it refreshing to come across a fantasy that is not a trilogy. A complete story is told, from beginning to end, in one book.And it's even better if the book is by Rachel Neumeier....
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Bonus Gift Recommendations

December 14, 2017
Doug had so many recommendations this year that he's sharing a bonus list!...
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Recommendation: The Expanse Series, by James S.A. CoreyStaffperson: Bitty...
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Gift Recommendation: 7th Sea

December 10, 2017
Recommendation: 7th Sea, 2nd EditionStaffperson: Doug...
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